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Our goal is to have whole grain bread in every home. When you eat our bread, you’ll be able to taste the difference. Try a loaf today!

To order bread from Kevin's Bread, click here. For more information about our breads and the ingredients we use, see our Breads page.


Kevin's Bread Rocks!

I love Kevin's Bread! My favorite is the flaxseed bread, but I also like his newest kind, Czech Country bread. Just like being back in the old country.

Love the moistness of the flaxseed bread

This bread is great. I eat it plain and the flavor is wonderful. Great job.

vegan cookies

Kevin makes an amazing effort each week to supply me with vegan cookies. I appreciate his creativity and passion for baking!

vegan cookies

I really appreciate the passion that Kevin brings to his baking. He makes a great effort to give me cookies that are vegan and healthy. He talent as a baker is obvious and he has bakes vegan breads and cakes and cookies on several occasions for me. Any vegan would find him a treasure from the ingredidents he uses to his mindful approach.

kevin's bread

We tried Kevin's bread a few weeks ago and now I find that I just cannot tolerate the grocery store bread we've been buying. So we are hooked. The best so far is the flax seed, as toast with jam and coffee at breakfast - we haven't tried the whole grain yet.